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Watches2U is an Official LTD Watch Watch Stockist

LTD Watches

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LTD Watches - LTD vs JLS

LTD Watches are a brand new line of funky and colourful watches that were launched in 2009 and then later that year they also launched a range of LTD vs JLS watches.

The name LTD refers to their limited edition watches, with each LTD watch only being limited to less than 150 models worldwide, so if you see a LTD watch that you like then you better grab if fast because once it's out of stock it will never be available again. LTD watches are all unisex, so there are no specific mens or ladies watches in the LTD range...anyone can wear them.

Because all the models of LTD watches are only available for a short period then there is always a constant production of new models being released and the beauty about owning a LTD watch is that because of the small number of each model made, then you can be sure that you won't be wearing the same watch as your friends or colleagues.

This trendy range of LTD watches come in a wide range of bright and vivid colours such as red, green, orange and many more, with most LTD watches using just one or two colours although other models include multicoloured and translucent styles. LTD watches are manufactured from rubber and polycarbonate so they fit well on the wrist and feel comfortable and they are available as analogue or digital watches.

LTD has also launched a range of JLS watches in 2009. Chart toppers and X-Factor runners up in 2008 JLS have joined with LTD watches to create a great new range of LTD vs JLS watches.

Watches2U are official UK sellers of LTD Watches and we sell many selected models from this range of unisex watches including the LTD vs JLS watches. Through our Price Match Guarantee we aim to give you the lowest prices in the UK on all our models of LTD watches, so if you see any particular LTD watch that we stock being sold at a lower price elsewhere in the UK then let us know and we will quote you a lower price.