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RY4238 - The Cherry On The CakeRY4238 - The Cherry On The Cake
Radley is synonymous of the 80's English culture, when a new wave of young entrepreneurs were setting up businesses in Camden Market. All this design effervescence has been known transmit to this day. Now the experience of the years is resulting in exquisite timepieces. They are watches that exude optimism, transmit joy and zest for life.
Other Reviews
head Of Timehead Of Time
Their more than 95 years of experience are the best introduction to this brand. Specializing in a wide variety of electronic products, Braun represents the concept of home and modern life. A sleek design with German origin. Reading their history, I saw that after the Second World War, they tried to install a revolutionary business model that has clearly paid off. It was not until 1980 when they joined the watches to its range of products, widely applying their knowledge.
MK2424 - Earthy Tones Perfect For This SeasonMK2424 - Earthy Tones Perfect For This Season
Michael Kors has been a big name is fashion circles since the launch of his career in the 90’s. The MK spark was ignited in the hearts of the UK when a model from his Runway collection of watches appeared on a popular reality TV show. From then on the people of Britain simply couldn’t get enough and it’s clear to see why. This week I am reviewing the Ladies Sawyer MK2424 by Mr Michael Kors himself.
Thomas Earnshaw - Epically ConstructedThomas Earnshaw - Epically Constructed
Thomas Earnshaw use the term “epically constructed” in their product description of the ES-8043-03. It’s probably not the turn of phrase many would use to describe a wristwatch, but perhaps, if more timepieces were like this one, this wording would become commonplace in our day to day vocabulary!
GS02941-03 - A Classic TimepieceGS02941-03 - A Classic Timepiece
Rotary are the epitome of the classic wrist watch. Not only are they a leading producer of high quality Swiss watches, they also have a wonderful family oriented background and are still to this day an independent family company. I think the sentimentality of that makes their watches a touch more special…but then I am a sucker for sentiment.
Casio - Commitment To Creativity And ContributionCasio - Commitment To Creativity And Contribution
Let's talk about Casio. Their real commitment to creativity and contribution, make them an attractive brand. They believe in development and know that technology makes a difference in all their products. This very inspiring way of seeing the world gathers them a wide range of followers around the globe.
Emporio Armani Ladies ChiaraEmporio Armani Ladies Chiara
Armani - I think i'm pretty safe in assuming that everyone has heard this name a lot more than once in their lifetime? When you do you immediately think of gorgeous, powerful Italian fashionistas strutting their stuff at Milan fashion week. All eyes focused solely on them. It's only fair that their watches should make you feel a little bit of that Italian style for yourself.
Bulova Ladies Diamond Gallery WatchBulova Ladies Diamond Gallery Watch
Bulova's turn has come to fill our WATCHwatch. I really wanted to choose them for one of our reviews for the high performance that they offer. Also this year, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a very special date for them. The celebration of their 140th year.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Silver Henry Skeleton WatchMarc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Silver Henry Skeleton Watch
The Marc Jacobs brand is known for creating items of high fashion and beautiful to the eye, meaning fashionistas are therefore drawn to the Marc Jacobs brand because of its elegance in design
Michael Kors Ladies Runway Gold Plated Chronograph WatchMichael Kors Ladies Runway Gold Plated Chronograph Watch
Let's talk about one of our favorite brands, Michael Kors. Synonymous with affordable luxury, this brand makes my mind fly to gorgeous places like Ibiza, Santorini or Sardinia.
Weird name great watch, that’s how I put it. Diesel watches has always separated themselves from the norm. Having huge faces/dials gives them their own identity which allows them to have room for more innovation. They know their market, they know who to sell. Their marketing team are smart enough to go with the times and switch it up a little bit more. They are confident in their creativity that they can put a grandfather clock on a leather strap and make it a wrist watch and still would be able to sell it.