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One to Watch: the navy Fossil FS4835
One to Watch: the navy Fossil FS4835

Watches with a blue dial have always been released alongside more "classic" options such as a white dial with a black strap watch. The "Holy Trinity" of watch brands (Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe) set the trends in watches, and they all have their own versions of the blue trend which are popular and well-liked. They rarely go out of style, so getting a blue watch is definitely a solid investment. Luckily, blue has many shades, so it’s easy to find one to suit your taste. A navy blue watch is easy to pair with a suit, and you can go a step further and match the cufflinks and/or pocket square with the shade of blue you’re wearing in your watch. It also works perfectly as a casual weekend watch.

If you’re planning to get a watch to wear daily, you should get one that never goes out of style. The Fossil FS4835 is the perfect versatile choice for any watch lover, from the casual one to the avid collector. Part of the Grant Collection, this range has a few distinct features that make it stand out from the rest.

Fossil Men's Watch FS4835

The Style

The Fossil FS4835 watch is an impressive timepiece with traditional elements that don’t go out of style. The dark navy blue dial matches the leather strap perfectly, making it easier to pair it up with your outfit as you’re not trying to match two different shades of blue.
The dial features Roman numerals in the place of the hour markers throughout the dial. The number four is written as "IIII" instead of "IV" to provide visual symmetry with the marker for the 8th hour. Rose gold details complete the dial, adding a delicate finish and toning the bold watch down.

Fossil Watch FS4835 Closeup

The watch features three subdials – one next to the 3rd hour marker, one at the bottom, above the 6, and the last one on the right, next to the 9th hour marker. The first subdial, on the right, is a 24-hour dial. The hand within this subdial moves according to the main hour and minute hands, so when setting the time, make sure the subdial is in the right position!
The second subdial, at the bottom of the dial, is a chronograph - a stopwatch - measuring a full 60 seconds before completing the rotation. This is linked to the chronograph on the left, which is a 30-minute counter, making the watch able to measure half an hour of elapsed time before completing a full rotation.

Fossil Watch FS4835 subdials

The hands on this Fossil watch are luminous, for easy reading in low-light conditions or at night, without having to turn on the light.

Fossil Watch FS4835 glow in the dark

The Specs

Rose gold features heavily throughout the watch, including on the head casing, the hands and hour markers, and the closing buckle. The dial has a 44mm diameter, making it a perfect size for a man’s watch. It is a classic size, not going towards the higher end of the dial size spectrum. The Roman numerals allude to the old vintage clocks, adding a traditional feel to this watch. 50m water resistance protects the three chronograph subdials of the watch.
The navy strap is a durable leather strap, measuring approximately 20cm in length and secured by a rose gold buckle clasp. The strap is interchangeable, being compatible with all 22mm wide Fossil straps.

Fossil Watch FS4835 strap

Why is it for you?

Blue watches are timeless, making this a great investment for years to come. The Fossil FS4835 is for the modern gentleman, with a classic styling with a contemporary twist. The rose gold details add a new level of finesse to this watch, adding it to the rose gold trend that’s been a must-have for the past few years. The 44mm dial watch makes this watch a large one, but not overly large, suitable for most men’s wrists. Paired with a suit, it makes your smart attire pop with ease.

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