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Clocks - the perfect companion for any room
Clocks - the perfect companion for any room

Clocks have been a part of human civilization for millennia, from sundials to atomic clocks and countless other devices in between. Everything depends on them – our kitchen timers, our train trips, knowing how long until you get off work… Nowadays, they come in various shapes and sizes and with a wide range of functions if you require them.

Here are three brands that know what a clock needs in terms of features and design.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is a beloved Irish brand, well-known for their floral and stem patterns on their products, from cups and bedding to clocks, watches and jewellery. The retro-inspired style of their products means you can decorate one of the rooms in your house in your favourite vintage style. The OK-WCLOCK02 is a great addition to any room in the house.

Orla Kiely Wall Clock

For those wishing to rely less on their smartphones, the OK-ACLOCK01 has an alarm feature, combining functionality with great design. The bright yellow case in the shape of the iconic Orla Kiely poppy flower would look great on any bedside table.

Orla Kiely Alarm Clock


Braun received the Red Dot Award for design in 2017 for one of their wristwatches, so it’s even clearer why the are a favourite among watch lovers. Their alarms clocks also feature a modern design, suitable for any bedside table in a minimalist bedroom. With four levels of display brightness, you can tailor the BNC016BK clock suit your needs.

Braun Alarm Clock

The radio-controlled wall clock from Braun means you never have to worry about your clock being too slow or too fast. The window above the 6th hour marker can be used as either a seconds display or a date feature, making this Braun wall clock perfect for any office.

Braun Wall Clock


Mondaine take their inspiration from Swiss Railway clocks, and incorporate it into their wristwatches, as well as wall clocks and alarm clocks. The &qupt;Mondaine" logo is joined by "SBB CFF FFS", the initials for the national railway company of Switzerland in three different languages – German, French and Italian.
The minimal style of the A990-CLOCK-16SBB wall clock goes well with a lot of room styles, from modern Scandinavian and minimal to black and white rooms and even railway enthusiasts.

Mondaine Wall Clock

For those looking for an alarm clock inspired by the Swiss Railway, there's an option for you, too. The alarm clocks come in a black, white or red casing, with the iconic white dial with a red seconds hand. The black and white ones blend in more easily, but for a bedside table that stands out, the red one is the best choice.

Mondaine Alarm Clock

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