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How Your Watch Will Save Your Life

The release of the Apple Watch has reenergised the conversation around wearable tech and the impact it could have in the future. One of the fields most interested in the potential benefits of wearable tech is that of medical technology. This has led to a surge in research focused on the health applications of smartwatches. This is because, as well as being a cool gadget, smartwatches offer a unique opportunity to improve personal and public health. Already companies are looking for ways to improve health monitoring, look for signs of imminent medical danger, call for assistance in an emergency and provide data to tackle serious diseases. Our infographic covers how, in the near future, your smartwatch could become a lifesaving accessory and also looks at some of the best smartwatches and apps that are on the market right now.

Many of the established watch brands are sure to integrate these new features in to their offerings. Brands like Casio already love to add extra features so undoubtedly will find a way to bring their customers all the new technology they can.

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How Your Watch Will Save Your Life Infographic

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