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Fashion Blogger Amy Roiland On How To Wear Orla Kiely
Fashion Blogger Amy Roiland On How To Wear Orla Kiely

Vibrant hues, bold prints and unbelievable settings; LA-based fashion blogger Amy Roiland has an enviable instagram account. The quirky style guru has a passion for all things bold and beautiful, with Irish designer Orla Kiely coming in at top of her list. We caught up with her to find out how to recreate her daring looks.

For those that love rad, retro styles, A Fashion Nerd is definitely a blog to follow. Run by designer Amy Roiland, the blog celebrates all things bold with a fun old school twist. And Amy’s go-to watch?

100% Orla Kiely watches. I am so into their style and color. I love every single watch they design!! So fun so 60s!

With designs that are instantly recognisable for their bold and colourful retro prints, it’s no surprise that Orla Kiely is a firm favourite with this fashion blogger. The Orla Kiely Poppy watches are some of most popular from the range, thanks to their fun and eye-catching design – few watches have flower-shaped dial!

Not sure how to wear it? Amy has given us some major tips (and style envy) on how to wear the statement OK2126 poppy watch.

New Orla Kiely watch from @watches2uofficial #watch #orlakiely #watches2u

A post shared by Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd) on

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"My style inspiration or daily inspiration comes from art and one person I admire @mirandamakaroff. She really inspires me to the bone, she is such a genius and so full of color and passion. I think everyone needs a muse in their life and she is definitely that for me. I also love watching 1960s movies to get some inspiration in my life and style. Brigitte Bardot and Chantal Goya movies are my favourite."

A post shared by Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd) on

How would you describe your style?

"My style is a mixture between modern and vintage and I always throw in a little nerd. I always feel like I am mismatched and super quirky. It's pretty hard to describe my style but I definitely love dressing fun and colorful. I also love to incorporate accessories into my look. (this is what makes a look)."

Amy Roiland OK2126

What’s your typical day like?

"Wake up at 7 am, make some tea, get to work. I work for Betty and Veronica clothing now so I am working on a ton of amazing things for this brand! I am beyond excited about this job. Truly this is my dream job. After I finish working for the brand I film videos or do a blog shoot or edit blog images. After this I like to cook some organic veggies for lunch and then do some yoga. I have been doing Yoga at home with Adrienne on Youtube. I also love to study nutrition or watch movies on nutrition."

How do you go about building a look around a single accessory?

"I always build my outfits this way. What will look good with this watch, sunglasses or bag. I really look at the style of this piece and try to see what outfit would fit best with it. For the Watches2U watch I loved how colorful it was so I made my outfit a little more dull so the watch would stand out most and my floral shoes. I let my accessories do the talking."

Amy Roiland OK2126

If you had to pick a key/single accessory what would it be and why?

"Sunglasses and eyewear for sure. This is why I am called a fashion nerd because I always wear eyewear even though I don't have to. I pop the lenses on my optical and I never wear lenses."

Amy Roiland OK2126

What’s your favourite watch brand/style of watches?

100% Orla Kiely watches. I am so into their style and color. I love every single watch they design!! So fun so 60s!

All photographs by Amy Roiland and her team.

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