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The Watches Of James Bond

For decades James Bond has been considered the epitome of style and sophistication. Yet each Bond has had their own unique look to go along with their own, quite different, portrayals of the character. Some are at the darker end of the spectrum, while others have been more playful as they seduced their way around the globe. The different tone of each Bond is reflected not just in the way they approach being an international super-spy, but also in what they wear on their wrist. Just like with everyone else, you can tell a lot about a Bond by their choice of timepiece. This is not restricted to the look and feel of the watch they choose, but also includes how they use that watch. For example; while some Bonds enjoy using the full range of Q gadgetry in their watches others prefer a watch that simply looks great and tells the time.

Pokemon Sports Icons

There’s a new Pokédex in town and Watches2U is the new Professor Oak! Are you ready to be coached through the newest Pokémon edition? Then hold onto your pokéballs and let’s see who’s available to catch.

For years we have been collecting different species of Pokémon from the sparky Pikachu to the mischievous Meowth but today is the beginning of something wonderfully different. Instead of running around looking for small animals hiding in tall grass Watches2U presents...Pokémon: The Sports Icon Edition.

Things You Should Know About Wimbledon

Whether you’re a sports fan or not it’s almost impossible to escape the buzz that the Wimbledon tennis championships create. Strawberries and cream, tea and scones, Pimms and lemondade…all things British! However you enjoy the occasion make sure you have all the important facts with our Wimbledon infographic. If you can’t manage to get down to the courts this year then show your support with these sports watch designs from Watches2U.

The Product Placement Oscars

As it’s Oscar season, and the great and good of the acting world are being drowned in accolades, we felt it was time to reward the brands and products that work so hard to get our attention in the movies we watch. So we created this infographic to highlight some of the hardest working, best placed and most ubiquitous brands in film. While sometimes their presence can be grating, we decided to stop worrying and learn to love product placements. The most prestigious award on offer is the ‘Michael Bay Award’ for most products placed in a film. Named after the director who has dedicated his career to financing his many explosions and special effects by cramming as many products into his film possible. This year’s award goes to Entourage, which outdid Bay himself by including over sixty product placements into its running time. So if any of you left this movie with a strange urge to go shopping, now you know why.

How To Spot A Fake Apple Watch

As soon as the Apple Watch was announced the market was flooded with cheap knock-offs. All doing their best to mimic the world’s most coveted smartwatch, with some getting closer than others. As more and more of these ‘clone’ smartwatches enter the market, the question becomes: can you tell the difference between a real Apple Watch and a copy? Perhaps the person next to you, who has been proudly wearing an ‘Apple Watch’ for months, has been duped or is attempting to dupe you?

Investing In Watches

Whether you are buying a watch for fashion or for function there is no denying that it is a big investment. This item will complement your outfit, it will make sure you are on time for events, it can be your running partner and in most cases it will even act as an alarm. If you take the time to research your purchase then you could even make money on your investment.

Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go craze has taken over the world! Play games, keep fit. Whats not to love? Check out our tips and tricks and be sure to be safe when hunting! With so many to collect and so many eggs to hatch we are sure to be the fittest we have ever been.

How Did Bulova Begin?

Joseph Bulova immigrated to America in 1870. At the age of 19, he opened his own jewellery store on Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan. Since their inception, Bulova has shown an ongoing commitment to innovation and development. It is with this style that they have managed to become an iconic brand that has been present in many of the events in recent US history. Want to discover more about Bulova? Then let us help you discover everything you need to know about them.

Mothers Day Infographic

It's one day a year that mums know they are going to receive a call, but do you know why? Origin of Mother's Day goes back to the era of ancient Greeks and Romans. But the roots of Mother's Day history can also be traced in the UK where Mothering Sunday was celebrated. However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today is a recent phenomenon and not even a hundred years old. Do you know how many countries celebrate the day or how many maternity leaves you can take by country? Here we have another great infographic that will tell you all you need to know about Mother's day!

Sticking With Your Keep Fit Resolution

A New Year is a great time for a new beginning, and for many that means a New Year’s resolution. For a lot of people that means promising yourself that you will get fit and burn off some of those Christmas calories. Yet New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep up. In fact, statistics show that of the 45% of people who make New Year’s resolutions a quarter of them don’t make it through the first week. And a full 73% give up before they manage to hit their target. 2015 saw a huge growth in the number of smartwatches on the market and there may be a way that this new wave of wearable tech could help you stick with your New Year’s resolution.

Make Your Life More Star Wars

For many 2015 has been one long wait until the premier of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Now that moment is almost upon us and it’s time that we stepped up and decided: how much Star Wars could we fit in our lives? Luckily for us, the world is full of star wars merchandise, from Boba Fett watches to C3P0 tape dispensers, and it’s now possible to improve almost every aspect of your live by making it more Star Wars. Getting Married? Then how about having some Star Wars themed wedding bands or wedding shoes? (Disclaimer - we seriously advise getting the okay from your partner before going for a Star Wars themed wedding).


Watching sport takes up a lot of our lives. But have you ever wondered how much ‘sport’ you actually watch compared to the number of adverts and breaks? Or considered what the players you are watching manage to fit into those minutes of actual in-play time. We did, so we did some research and created this infographic comparing four major ball sports: American football, soccer, basketball and rugby union. We’ve looked at and compared how much time the players actually spend playing the sport in each game

Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing the ideal engagement ring can be a very exciting experience or a complete torture. If all you know from rings is the name, this is for you! With so many options available when looking for the perfect ring, we thought we would help you guys out by giving you our guide to Diamond Engagement Rings. You will know everything about how to establish your budget, everything about diamonds and their settings. Definitely You will become a whole scholar.


Girls, we all know the struggle, you’ve found the perfect outfit, you’ve got the hair, the shoes, the makeup but something is still missing. Jewellery is not always an easy choice, sometimes what we feel is a little more can be a little too much. In this guide we help you choose the perfect necklace to enhance your already gorgeous features.

Starting A Vintage Watch Collection

A beautifully crafted watch lends the wearer a touch of class beyond any other accessory. Vintage watches combine this style and craftsmanship with a rarity value and a sense of history; making them a great accessory for the stylish buyer willing to put in the effort to acquire the perfect timepiece. Buying your first vintage watch can, however, be a daunting prospect for first time buyers. This infographic guides you through the basics of starting a vintage watch collection and gives examples of watches to consider for your first purchase. Also considered is the investment possibilities of a vintage watch, with an overview of the market and some tips on classic brands that provide promising investment opportunities.


The release of the Apple Watch has reenergised the conversation around wearable tech and the impact it could have in the future. One of the fields most interested in the potential benefits of wearable tech is that of medical technology. This has led to a surge in research focused on the health applications of smartwatches. This is because, as well as being a cool gadget, smartwatches offer a unique opportunity to improve personal and public health. Already companies are looking for ways to improve health monitoring, look for signs of imminent medical danger, call for assistance in an emergency and provide data to tackle serious diseases. Our infographic covers how, in the near future, your smartwatch could become a lifesaving accessory and also looks at some of the best smartwatches and apps that are on the market right now..


For over 30 years Donna Karen has been an icon in the fashion world. A regular on fashion runways from Milan to Paris, London to New York, her new designs are eagerly awaited by the whose who of the fashion world. In 1989, she introduced the DKNY line. This downtown-chic affordable line was inspired by her daughter Gaby and the very next year won her the Designer of the Year award.


In a time where everyone can easily set themselves up as a fashion expert by simply starting their own blog, how do we distinguish the real designers? The real geniuses of the style world, the small handful who have controlled the essence of what we have worn for decades? These individuals stay just ahead of the curve, setting trends for bloggers all over the world to be inspired by.


Today's tourist can easily and comfortably see some of the world great countries and sites through the wonders of modern transport. Commercial airlines and modern vehicles make hopping from city to city or even country to country accessible to all. Looking back at the not so distant past however it's easy to see how the time and effort required to make this same journey meant that the world must have seemed like a far larger place.


As some of the most well-known and desirable time pieces in the mainstream market Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer watches have been for many years the target of fakers looking to make a quick profit on the back of these brands. Where in the past it would have been easy even to an untrained eye to spot a copy, the fakers have become more sophisticated in the way they produce these pieces meaning that there are often only subtle clues that the watch isn’t a genuine product.


Following the release of the Apple Watch, 2015 looks more than ever to be the year that smartwatches reach a mainstream audience. Watches traditionally have been worn for fashion as well as practicality and the latest generation from tech manufacturers are looking to try to bridge that gap for the first time. Apple have even made inroads into the high end luxury market with the release of Apple Watch "Edition" which sports a gold case and starts at $10,000. The concept of a smartwatch is not new as manufacturers have seen the potential for decades but haven't had access to the technology required to make their pieces either desirable or functional. In our Infographic we look at the development of the smartwatch since the turn of the millennium and ask if this latest generation mean that this is a gadget that is really here to stay.


Emozioni is the fashion forward new jewellery concept from Hot Diamonds. A personalisation of your style with with the maximum expression of how you want to look and how you feel. Choose from a variety of coins, coin keeper and chain with over 5000 combinations.


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
If you're struggling to find something that fits in that gap then let Watches2U help with our short guide to the top 12 brands for this Christmas. Whether its a treat for your significant other, a stocking filler for the kids or a well-deserved gift to yourself you can be sure to find the perfect present to fit your budget and put a smile on a loved ones face.


From humble beginnings Watches2U has become the UK's largest independent watch shop. £40 and one watch in a garden shed to a multi-million pound company in a few years of hard work is an impressive tale. The journey has not always been smooth, but it has been fun and successful. From one watch to selling over 10,000 now, as well as three new websites and a fantastic array of accessories including, sunglasses, jewellery and handbags. Take a look at our infographic for the highlights of the journey.


Watches are a good investment, and knowing how to spend your hard earned money on a good timepiece is essential. We at Watches2U can give you an idea on which watch best suits your needs.


Is your watch waterproof? Can you wear it while you swim? Will it survive a day out in a thunderstorm? Watches have guidelines to explain all this. If you have ever wondered what 3ATM actually means then take a look at this inforgraphic.


Imagine our surprise when we Googled Watches2U and found one of the suggested searches to be Watches2U Fake! Fake???!!! From the UK’s Largest Independent Online Watch Shop? A company with over a decade of selling experience online? A website housing some the biggest and best brands on Earth? Well we couldn’t believe our eyes! Just in case you need some extra validation take a look at these stats!