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Bulova Ladies Diamond Gallery Watch
Bulova Ladies Diamond Gallery Watch

Bulova's turn has come to fill our WATCHwatch. I really wanted to choose them for one of our reviews for the high performance that they offer. Also this year, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a very special date for them. The celebration of their 140th year.

With a great quality, precision and a guarantee of 3 years for all Bulova watches, no wonder they have such a strong position in the market. And that is what gives us the security when buying their watches. They are one of the brands that have always opted for continuity, without ever compromising their products.

For this wonderful occasion I have chosen the 98S150. I am startled with the delicacy of its form and the details throughout the watch.

Its two-tone stainless steel strap blends perfectly with the exterior of the spherical watch head. Helping us to focus all our attention on the interior, watch dial.

If you look more closely you will see that the dial is mother of pearl and it also has four diamonds encrusted as batons in the quarters of the watch. Along with the gold roman numerals in the interior and the date, we have a masterpiece of supreme elegance.

A classic appearance, very suitable for special occasions. Where a watch can help to project the best image of ourselves.