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4 Top Hybrid Watch Brands You Need To Know
4 Top Hybrid Watch Brands You Need To Know

Super heroes often wear disguises to hide their true potential and a hybrid watch is the exact same. On the outside they have the same appearance as a “normal” analogue watch. But what they can do is truly impressive.

Hybrid watches are smartwatches in the classic design of an analogue watch. The new type of watch merges contemporary apps with time honoured style designs for fashionable, wearable tech that won’t take away from your look.

Three of the top contenders in the new hybrid watch world are Timex with their IQ+ range, Kronaby, Misfit, and Frederique Constant with their Horological Smartwatch collection. Take a closer look at the key players below:


The Timex IQ Move range work directly with your smartphone for a connected experience.

Timex IQ Move Watches

The Perfect Date® feature means that your watch will always have the correct time and date even if you change time zones or there is a short month. Being active is also simple with the activity tracking and goal setting options.

Timex offer an array of colours in their interchangeable straps so you can change your style quickly and easily. The Timex IQ Move range help you stay connected, active, and on trend all in one fashionable watch.

TW2P95100 Timex IQ Move Watch TW2P94800 Timex IQ Move Watch
TWG013600 Timex IQ Move Watch TWG013500 Timex IQ Move Watch


Kronaby allow you to be in control and connected with clever features and they don’t compromise on style. Have it all with personalisable apps and on trend designs. Their truly general apps are more than what some phones can do. They include an auto time zone, notification settings that can be filtered to your own personal taste, the option to decline calls with just a tap, a vibrating alarm, and a timer. Their more advanced features include a built in pedometer that can be linked with your smartphone, a camera, a Geotag option so you never forget the name of a new place, music control, and a very helpful walk me home safe app. The possibilities are endless with the collection of Kronaby hybrid watches. All their designs are up to date with modern trends so you don’t have to compromise your look for the smart features.

A1000-0713 Krobaby Watch A1000-0716 Kronaby Watch


For those looking for a more minimalistic design to their hybrid watch Misfit offers a simplistic collection in their Phase range. There is nothing simple about the features of this watch as it works with your Android or iOS phone to track steps, distance, calories, and even sleep. The analogue display also offers custom notifications, music control, and a camera. All of the hybrid features of these watches are protected by 50m water resistance for The Misfit Phase range is offered in classic black and brown as well as more contemporary colours like blue or white.

MIS5002 Phase Watch MIS5007 Phase Watch
MIS5006 Phase Watch MIS5004 Phase Watch

Frederique Constant

One of the leading brands in luxury Swiss watches Frederique Constant have made the cross over to smartwatches look effortless. Their high quality designs have all the design of the classic wristwatch but they are action packed full of special technology. The fashionable watches offer a bi-directional communication with your phone for sleep, walking, and running tracking. The traditional Frederique Constant style remains with an analogue display showing a hour, minute, and date subdial. Frederique Constant offer their hybrid watch in a range of colours.

Frederique Constant Watches

Shop Timex IQ Move here.

Shop Kronaby here.

Shop Misfit here.

Shop Frederique Constanthere.

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