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2018 Colour Trends
2018 Colour Trends

2017 is over so we’re marching into 2018 with an eye on upcoming trends. Want to be the trendsetter in your group? Then look no further and follow our advice when choosing a new watch for yourself or that special someone.

1. Ultra Violet

Pantone is the leading force in colour trends, and this year they’ve picked Ultra Violet as their reigning colour of choice for 2018. Start to embrace this colour early with a new accessory. Pick from the loveable Radley RY2436 watch that boasts a silicone strap for a comfortable wear. The added iconic Radley dog charm hanging from the bottom strap adds a fun feature to the watch. The Reebok RF-RSE-L1-PVIV-VW silicone watch embraces a bold design and well as the vibrant colour. This watch is sure to turn heads.

2018 Colour Trends Ultra Violet Radley RY2436 2018 Colour Trends Ultra Violet Reebok RF-RSE-L1-PVIV-VW

2. Orange

Orange - usually a hard colour to embrace, this colour is starting to pop up everywhere. Start small and easy with a new accessory that can easily be matched with your outfits. The Orla Kiely OK2156 watch has a rectangular dial and the iconic Orla Kiely stem pattern on it in 6 different colours, perfect for the gloomy winter days ahead. The Nixon A1167-2658, an Android-compatible smartwatch, is suitable for tech enthusiasts, and at 48 mm wide, it’s big enough for a comfortable read of the subdials.

2018 Colour Trends Orange Orla Kiely OK2156 2018 Colour Trends Orange Nixon A1167-2658

3. Pink

Millennial Pink is here to stay in 2018 as well, after being one of the top colours of 2017. Loved by people worldwide, this colour is a soft pink pastel hue, easy to accessorise with almost any wardrobe. The Lacoste 2001003 watch is all pink, with rose gold hour markers and logos pop against the otherwise minimalist dial. The Michael Kors MK2659 is a beautiful gentle mixture of the pink hue, along the strap, and a golden head casing. The analogue dial is another minimalist style for a finishing touch of elegance.

2018 Colour Trends Pink Lacoste 2001003 2018 Colour Trends Orange Nixon A1167-2658

4. Lavender

Millennial Pink is joined by another sweet pastel colour this year - lavender. The light colour is wearable by anyone for any occasion. Nixon have created an all lavender watch for men. The rubber strap and head casing make the A119-2287 comfortable for everyday use. Daisy Dixon offer their take on the lavender hue for the ladies. The slender leather strap is made noteworthy with the addition of a snakeskin print over the purple tone. The large 35mm dial of the DD041V begins with a dark purple around the outside and fades to an almost white centre. This gives a textured look to the otherwise simplistic watch face.

2018 Colour Trends Lavender Nixon A119-2287 2018 Colour Trends Lavender Daisy Dixon DD041V

5. Yellow

Trying to chase the sun and add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe then try a touch of yellow. The options are endless with this colour choice. You can embrace it with a watch completed in yellow or add just a hint of sunshine with a watch supporting one element of yellow. The Casio F-91WC-9AEF is an vibrant and retro choice immersed in the bright colour while Radley chose to add a sweet touch of yellow along the leather strap of the RY2387.

2018 Colour Trends Yellow Casio F-91WC-9AEF 2018 Colour Trends Yellow Radley RY2387

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